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Rotpunkt Kitchens

“Made in Germany” and better still, “Made in East Westfalia” is a worldwide acknowledged seal of quality for our kitchens. This way we have made a name for ourselves internationally. We stand with our ca. 200 highly qualified employees for high quality products, absolute reliability and closest contact with our customers.

The family owned company Rotpunkt, Rabe & Meyer Küchen GmbH & Co KG today produces high quality kitchens with the latest manufacturing technology at our main factory/headquarters and at our subsidiary plants in Löhne and Preußisch Oldendorf.

The company was established in 1930 by Heinrich Rabe and Wilhelm Meyer in Bünde-Ahle with the name Rabe&Meyer. This company started with the manufacturing of cigar boxes (Bünde used to be the cigar making centre of Germany), followed by wooden toys and sewing boxes. After the war they decided to go into the kitchen business. The company has never looked back.

Rotpunkt is managed by the joint-managing directors Heinz-Jürgen Meyer and Andreas Wagner.

The management continues the tradition of specialised manufacturing processes, extensive product range and reliability of quality and logistics.

Once a year the kitchen industry invents itself anew, so to speak –the quest for new trends is on. We also show once a year at our in-house exhibition how we interpret and develop further new trends. But we do not re-invent the wheel at our exhibition. Every range of goods preserves the time-tested and adds new innovative elements. We attach great importance to introducing our novelties personally. Design intricacies and/or technological components speak then for themselves.

State-of-the-art technique combined with tradition are core basics of our planning and production methods. This way kitchens of top quality are created that are not only fascinating due to their design and functionality but due to stable value and resistance to wear and tear. A high degree of individualisation possibilities renders possible what we and our customers expect of our kitchens.

Prentice Furniture

Simply put, purveyors of quality British made Furniture. Prentice are a family company with a long tradition of British furniture making, all our products are produced in our own workshops and we as a company are dedicated to producing the finest hand-made furniture.

We are proud of our craftsmanship, the quality of our materials, our attention to detail and our reputation we have built up since 1985. Our workshops embrace modern production techniques that improve the function of the kitchen without compromising its soul. Our furniture is displayed in showrooms across the United Kingdom and at our head office in Tamworth which is full of inspirational room settings where you can appreciate the superb quality of our furniture.

Our commitment is to quality throughout the product's lifecycle, ensuring the best aesthetics, technical features and what could be more environmentally friendly than making furniture that stands the test of time. Prentice Furniture source timber that complies with the highest available standards of forestry management and sustainability and use wood finishes that demonstrate a genuine care for the environment.

Our policy is to recycle the majority of our waste wood products in our purpose built factories, heated using timber waste in our energy efficient wood burning incinerators. Our commitment is to quality throughout the product's lifecycle, ensuring the best aesthetics, technical features and what could be more environmentally friendly than making furniture that stands the test of time.


Blum is an international company that specialises in the production of functional furniture fittings. The company's main product groups are lift mechanisms, hinges and drawer systems for furniture - in particular for kitchen furniture.

Blum writes motion with a capital "M". Our fittings solutions make opening and closing furniture a mesmerising experience and bring enhanced user convenience to the entire home - in particular to kitchens. More than 6,800 employees work hard all over the world to perfect the motion of Blum's fittings systems.

Geared towards kitchen users. Our goal is to make kitchen users satisfied on a long-term basis. That's why we focus on their needs. According to Blum's philosophy of global customer benefits, everyone who makes, sells and assembles furniture should, however, also benefit from Blum fittings.

Blum produces an extremely high standard of quality. Blum products have well-thought-out function, award-winning design and a long life. This high standard of quality also applies to our services and to cooperation with partners.

Blum attaches great importance to partnerships and personal dialogue. The range of services we offer today is the result of a regular exchange of ideas and insights with kitchen manufacturers, cabinet-makers and fittings distributors.

Neff Appliances

Neff has been headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany, since the company was founded over 135 years ago. All of our ovens are made in Germany, the majority in our state-of-the art, 105,000 m2 factory in Bretten, and we are the largest employer in the region. We are constantly researching new ways to improve the quality and sustainability of our appliances, keeping the Neff brand right at the forefront of kitchen technology and ecological thinking.

The kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to meet and eat, and to get creative. At Neff we do everything we can to create an extensive range of quality kitchen appliances for you. Our appliances make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure; anticipate all your needs and desires; marry innovation and design, style and versatility. Whatever you’re doing in the kitchen, you’ll find the perfect partner in your Neff appliance.

Neff appliances are designed to change the way you use your kitchen. The innovative features are there to help you be at your best, whether you’re a busy kitchen-mum who’s always on the go, a budding Celebrity Chef in the making, or a dinner party host with the most. Your Neff appliances will work hard, so you can make it look easy.

Bosch Appliances

Winning technologies that not only improve our daily life, but our future as well. Bosch is constantly guided by this principle, from environmentally friendly production to researching new, energy-efficient technologies. We always set ourselves very strict guidelines, and in the majority of these cases exceed statutory regulations.

We make considerable energy savings through heat recovery and energy supplied on demand, and we avoid harmful emissions and effluents by using effective filtering and purification systems.

You can rest assured that when we are developing new appliances we are both keeping pace with your demands and meeting our principals of protecting the environment.

Sensio Lighting

Sensio was established in 2007 as a small, family run business, stemming from humble beginnings in the year 2000. Still operating as a family business, Sensio's reputation for introducing high quality, pioneering furniture lighting solutions for the kitchen, bedroom & bathroom continues to grow year on year.

Sensio now has their own product design and development department, allowing for unique and inspiring lighting designs to come to life in-house.

We're always looking to the future and year on year we strive to design and develop new and unique concepts. Designs to truly inspire you and bring your kitchen to life, the way you want.

A fast growing global brand, Sensio is currently established in the UK, America and Slovenia.


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